Counseling and Psychotherapy for Teenagers

Counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers includes providing therapy for teen problems, child parent psychotherapy, as well as family counseling and parenting support. Our psychotherapists and counselors have years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers to help kids, parents and families navigate the challenges they are facing. You will find us to be not only knowledgeable and experienced, but authentic and genuine in our approach to meeting the needs you, your child and your family have.¬†Family life and parenting are challenging enough, so it is important to us that when you come in you feel comfortable and “at home”.

We use such approaches as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma informed therapy, play therapy, family systems and attachment theory and the latest research in neuroscience to provide counseling and psychotherapy for teens, and family counseling to make parents and kids feel better about themselves and their relationships with one another. We get how vital parent-child relationships are to everyone’s well-being, as well as an understanding of child development and the needs of parents and kids. This knowledge helps us create a space where kids and parents feel safe to explore what is working and what is not in their lives, in their homes and with their family. We offer practical strategies, including those to increase empathy and connection, so that you, your teen and your family are a place where members nurture, support and thrive.

In offering counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers, some of what we can help you with include

counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers

  • Teen depression & teen social problems, including problems at home, at school & with peers
  • Therapy for anxiety, including cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety & treatment for panic attacks, & social anxiety
  • Treatment for PTSD & trauma therapy
  • Treatment for ADHD in children
  • Parenting support-to help parents with the many challenges of parenting a teenager
  • Counseling for depression in children, anxiety, cyber-bullying
  • Helping kids, families & parents with issues grief counseling & loss
  • Help assessing & treating substance use & misuse & addictions
  • Family counseling to help with relationship issues & effective communication
  • Oppositional defiant disorder & other behavioral issues
  • Help with communication skills
  • Child parent psychotherapy
  • LGBT issues, including sexual orientation counseling, LGBT parenting, coming out & unique needs of LGBTQ+ community
  • Gender identity help, transgender transitioning support & support along the gender continuum

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child and family services

Scott Korpik Topal, LCASA, LCSWA
Child, Teen & Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Teen Problems
  • Child Therapy for Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Child & Teen Behavior Problems
counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers

Robin Curtin, MSW, LCSW
Teen, Parent & Family Psychotherapist

  • ADHD Behavioral Therapy & Treatment for ADHD in Teens
  • Treatment for PTSD, Trauma Therapy
  • Therapy for Anxiety & Treatment for Depression in Teens
  • Family Therapy & Parenting Support
  • Child Therapy, Depression in Children

counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers

Michelle Topal, MSW, LCSW
LGBT Therapist & Family Psychotherapist

  • 30 Years Experience with Teens
  • Counseling for Teen Depression, Other Teen Problems
  • Family Therapy & Parenting Support
  • LGBTQ+ Teens, incl Gender & Sexual Orientation Counseling
counseling and psychotherapy for teenagers

Teen Psychotherapist
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